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3rd Graders at Mt. View School Have a Special Visit from K9 Officers

3rd Graders at Mt. View School Have a Special Visit from K9 Officers

The 3rd graders at Mt. View School recently had an exciting and educational visit from Officer Dave Marshall and his two K9 partners, Hunter and Spendo, from the Morris County Sheriff's Office. This visit was part of their unit on nonfiction texts, with a focus on the book titled "Aero and Officer Mike."


Officer Spendo, a highly trained K9 officer, specializes in criminal apprehension and has a unique ability to locate narcotics. The students were amazed to learn about Spendo's skills and how he helps law enforcement officers in their fight against crime. Officer Hunter, on the other hand, is an Explosive Detection Dog and certified in Search and Rescue. The students were fascinated by Hunter's ability to sniff out explosives and assist in emergency situations.

During the visit, Officer Marshall and his K9 partners demonstrated various skills and techniques used in their line of work. Officer Marshall also explained the importance of teamwork between him and his K9 partners, emphasizing the strong bond they have developed through training and working together.

The visit not only provided the students with a firsthand experience of working dogs in action but also reinforced the concepts they had been learning in their nonfiction texts unit. It allowed them to see the practical applications of the skills and knowledge they had acquired through reading.

The 3rd graders at Mt. View School were grateful for the opportunity to meet Officer Marshall, Hunter, and Spendo. The visit left a lasting impression on them, inspiring some to consider careers in law enforcement or working with animals. It was a memorable and educational experience that will undoubtedly stay with the students for years to come.